Guildford – “the Hollywood of the games industry”

In 2014 Stuart Heritage wrote an article for The Guardian in which he referred to Guildford as “ the Hollywood of video games”. In it he pointed out that Guildford was responsible for a bafflingly large slice of our culture.

"You wouldn’t think so to look at the place but tucked behind the anonymous facades of its nondescript  Legobrick industrial parks lurk some of the most talented artists and developers in the world. Guildford, you see, is the beating heart of the British video game industry"

G3 Futures, standing for Galvanising Guildford Games for the future, is the brainchild of the University of Surrey, Charles Russell Speechlys and UKIE (the industry body for interactive entertainment). We got together to put on the first G3 Futures  event in July 2015. With many local small and large games companies in the Guildford and surrounding area, we then surveyed the industry and asked them what they felt was most important. They said we needed to work together to preserve and grow Guildford’s reputation in this area. They called for a unifying programme to help this happen. 

This website has been built for the Guildford games industry to communicate with each other, post thoughts, events, jobs and games opportunity updates. We hope it will be a useful tool and we will use it to communicate details about future G3 events as well as facilitate other games companies telling us about their plans, their events and their intentions.